Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a property portal in which we understand all needs of property where if someone wants to sale, purchase or rent their property as per requirement with detail information.

There are so many another portal like this, but they don’t work on customer site visit, property verification, making rent agreement etc. our portal works on all this where we provide all the services to property consultant who works with us part time/ full time.

Anyone, who are not satisfied with their income and who want to earn from their free time those people work with us by developing their property informer team.

  1. If they don’t have any experience
  2. If they are working in any another field/ industry
  3. No need to higher education, only need your will/ desire to fulfill your own dreams

All these people are most welcome to this portal because real estate industry is the fastest growing industry.

Because most of property agents/advisors works with 4-5 builders or developers at a time means they have 4-5 properties to share. But today’s customers needs hundred varieties of property. No agents wants to disappoints their prospective customers. That’s why join our portal where we have 1000 types of properties so your customers won’t go anywhere.

  1. By join this portal it becomes very easy to them build their advisers team & prospecting buyer network.
  2. It becomes first priority to sell products of those builder/ developers by whom adviser join our portal.
  3. By this portal advisers also join them and work together.
  1. Customers get multiple choices here which is not available on another platform.
  2. Customers not need to go anywhere for re sale, resale is easy on our portal.
  3. You can choose your options easily according your time and convenience from this portal.

Absolutely not. This is just a business of property information sharing in which brokerage/ money distribute in systematic structure. There are no rules of network marketing just like

  1. We don’t sale any product forcefully to anyone /networker sale.
  2. We don’t take any investment from adviser/ clients.
  3. There is no capping.
  4. Here is no restriction that you need to build particular team or particular earning on team.
  5. It is a traditional business which we do as organized manner.

In working plan adviser must shows the site visit to clients, and in non working plan there is no need to site visit. Advisers only provide information/ Leads.

The whole business count from 1 To 30 of every calendar month. So we distribute commission on every 15th day of calendar month by RTGS in their account.

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